The Ultimate Guide to
Community Building

Why this guide?
(the only such guide on the Internet)

Building a community is not just setting up a discord or making a Facebook group or just choosing a platform to host the community like Mighty Networks, Scenes etc.

It involves careful strategy, intentional efforts and figuring out the business goals you intend to achieve.

Think of a community as a tree. You need to lay the seeds and nurture the roots daily for the tree to blossom. Without watering or nurturing, the seeds will simply wither away.

Communities have existed on the internet for a long time. However, there's no definite resource on the step by step process of scaling and growing a community.

There's scattered information everywhere but no one has really spilled the secrets of community building until now.

From choosing the right platform to seeding the first few members to hosting events to moderation, there's a lot which goes into building a successful community. We have all bases covered.

Spilling the secrets in 7 modules:

This guide will help you in your community building journey from a beginner to a community master.

Each module has advanced learning materials and actionable advice.

Whenever you're stuck, you know where to go.
Wishing you all the luck future community lords.

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