Skillshare Platform Details & Review

Skillshare is a learning platform that helps companies and teams grow their people. They connect creators and learners to grow their skills and boost their careers.


A leading creative learning platform, SkillShare is designed to help companies and teams invest in their people's development. It offer learning options that let the team learn from creative experts, stay on top of trends, and build for future. SkillShare helps businesses improve employee engagement, growth, and retention.

Skillshare Features

  • Provides a learning platform for refreshing skills previously learned and to re-build abilities through new course developments.
  • It provides you with the feature of building channels for creating community around your product.
  • Skillshare offers regular workshops in your virtual learning. Workshops offer two to three shared classed according to the learning instructors’ schedules in your study niche.


  • Allows building of communities of like-minded learners.
  • Has diverse content.
  • Offers teacher payment plans.


  • No quality control for instructors.
  • Lack of closed captioning on the videos for easy comprehension.
  • Annoying ads of the free membership level.

Skillshare Reviews

"Skillshare is boring"

The courses are not bad, but there are so much lack of interaction between the professors and the students that its pretty depressing. Its like they only go there to teach and its over. Like they hate their jobs or something. Personally i go to a course not only to learn but also to go along with people with my same interests.

Review on Trustpilot.

"My Review of Skillshare for Teams”

I like that Skillshare focuses on Informal content like learning new skills, learning a hobby, etc which of course is very useful. Also, I like that I can contact the instructor of the course that I have enrolled in at any time if I didn't understand something. ****I don't like the price of the subscription of Skillshare which is really very expensive. Most of the courses offered are basic courses for beginner levels which is not good if you want to reach an advanced level.

Review on Capterra.

"SkillShare for Teams"

One thing i like about Skillshare for Teams is the Live Classes. The UI is top-notch. It's pricy to use Skillshare for Teams...videos takes time to load most times.

Review on Capterra.

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