Sendbird Platform Details & Review

Sendbird is a cross-platform SDK with rich features and a fast delivery network that enables any application to send text, voice, video, and content messages.


Sendbird is a platform that allows developers to integrate messaging services into their apps and websites. With the API, users can easily connect with businesses and engage in conversations.

SendBird Features

  • Chat is an excellent way to boost conversions. Send live video clips to chat, or send real-time nudges in real time.
  • Live analytics or gamifying engagement - Custom data to display any data in the chat stream Announcement messages * Rich media support for video, images, audio, and gifs.
  • Develop a network of supply and demand that connects buyers and sellers conveniently. With real-time messaging, buyers and sellers can engage when it matters most in your app.


  • Standard out of the box features for users like read receipt, block/unblock, filters, search etc, are helpful.
  • It is an easy way to create channels and configure the UI the way you want.
  • Data export and reporting are useful for insights in your business.


  • There is lack of flexibility with moderation, lack of multi user per account.
  • Their charges are way more expensive for moderation tools.
  • Does not provide with cleaner 1:1 and 1 to many admin/host chat interface.

Sendbird Reviews

"Responsive and helpful partner to build a chat feature with"

The customer service team has been very responsive with any inquiries. Although they are a third party partner, it feels like they are in my own team. Integration was very easy and straightforward as well. Sometimes when there are errors, we have to reach out to them, instead of them reaching out to us.

Review on Capterra.

"Sendbird Review"

I like using this app because it helps to streamline in-app conversations with current, existing and potential clients. it makes things easier to help mange multiple conversations at once. Sometimes it seems to freeze, and sometimes it's hard to close the app and then get the same conversation back I feel like they disappear and then I worry I can’t get them back again.

Review on G2.

"Highly Customizable"

What we love about SendBird is the ability to integrate it smoothly with our brand while maintaining our own identity and user experience. Customizable - Constant improvements. Had too many critical bugs - Changes to software without prior notice.

Review on Capterra.

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