Podia Platform Details & Review

With Podia you can build an attractive website, sell your online courses and accept payments with no coding needed.


Podia is a platform that lets you build a free, no-code website and sell your online courses. With Podia, you can create a business from anywhere in the world with zero fees or start-up costs.  

Podia Features

  • Connect your audience and your content – You can host an online community in the same place that your audience uses your digital products.
  • Community – In Podia, you can create a community that works like a forum or Slack. The design is clean, and the workflow is simple.
  • Course Features – Using Podia, you can quickly create lessons and quizzes.

Podia Pricing

  • Paid Plans start at $39/month.
  • It has a free version.


  • You can offer your audience webinars using YouTube Live and Zoom with Podia.
  • If you want your website to look professional and run smoothly, you do not need to be tech-savvy or have coding knowledge.
  • You can connect your payments, scheduling, and sales pages all in one place in minutes with Podia.


  • Podia does not have a mobile app if you want to build courses that will be accessible on mobile for your members.
  • Podia doesn't offer in-depth lesson reports if you're interested in knowing how impressive your course is. Only some basic information about student progress is provided.
  • To assess your students more effectively, Podia lacks open-ended questions. The use of multiple choice questions is not suitable for all courses.

Podia Reviews

"Poida does not rank in Google at all!"

After 1 year of having my site online, the site could not be found by Google. When I typed in the URL mane without.com, Google could not find anything that would match. The second year my site was completely done and SEO was done also. Still, Google could not find my site. I literally search every page that Google gave me, nothing!

Review on Trustpilot.

"Wish there were better reviews of Podia functionality before I bought"

Horrible. Customer service is so kind, but that's it. They have advised me to change my domain, without telling me it could crash my site. Now the site has crashed, and they're all asleep so can't help fix it. The functionality is so bare-bones it's crazy. There's no concept of building out to have stronger/better functionality. I will be moving to Wix/Wordpress ASAP.

Review on Capterra.

"Podia Lacks Basic Features for Seasoned Creators, Great for Basic-only needs"

For the most part, I like Podia. Their customer service is incredibly fast and your basic needs are covered. That said, their features are quite limiting. They seem like a solid deal up front, but once you really get in there, it's been my experience (twice now) that features fall short and you'll be recommended to use a third party that will cost you more money.

Reviews on Capterra.

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