Gumroad Platform Details & Review

Gumroad makes it easy to sell your digital products to anyone, anywhere. No account needed, no setup, just instant payments


Gumroad is a digital marketplace for independent artists and creators selling digital services like books, memberships, and courses.  

Gumroad Features

  • Gumroad offers a robust analytics dashboard that provides you with an array of data about your sales, including - How much you've sold over the last week, month, or year.
  • Your customers can enjoy full content access as long as they are subscribed. You can also create discount codes for your products.
  • Gumroad offers email marketing tools that will help you send automated messages. Workflows help save time and energy, automating email campaigns and sequences after your customers purchase a product.

Gumroad Pricing

  • Starts at $10/mo.
  • Free version available.


  • It's possible to accept any payment format, including different foreign currencies, create software licences, and sell similar products in various forms.
  • It has a user-friendly interface that is simple to set up and can quickly go live with a product.
  • With Gumroad, you can set up a simple storefront with a profile image of your brand - and upload some text to describe the products you'd like to sell.


  • There are limited options for customization when it comes to email design, and all you can do is format the text and add a call-to-action button; that's it.
  • There are no trial capabilities, A/B split testing, or other forms of payment processing.
  • When you sell products on Gumroad, you'll be charged a fee for every transaction on the platform.

Gumroad Reviews

"I love Gumroad so far!!"

I have been building my tennis products and memberships in Gumroad for the past 3 months. I am amazed at how easy it is to make digital products and memberships using their platform. They have already-made professional-looking landing pages, options to charge one-time or recurring payments, and give unlimited video hosting. The only option I would love to see in Gumroad (as of now) is the ability to create pages with text and graphics inside memberships. Other than that, a great platform for online digital products!

Review on Trustpilot.

"Missing a lot of features and options"

Gumroad misses a lot of features, which would make their platform more user-friendly and overall attractive to potential users. Once your country is eligible for Stripe payouts, you are forced to use this form. You are also forced to have your bank account set up in your country, which is just unreal for a lot of people e.g. digital nomads, full-time travelers. Their customer service can be unhelpful and unfriendly at times. Their "we're here to make money" and "time costs money" attitude towards potential clients is repulsive. With the rise of similar platforms, this attitude and the lack of payout options could mean the end for Gumroad.

Review on Trustpilot.

"A convenient platform for creators"

The fast and straightforward UI. There are no unnecessary elements on the purchase page. Basically has only features that are required for selling products by the creators. Sometimes the pages have gone down from the internet, making things a little tricky. There can be SEO functionality on the product pages, so that we can optimize these pages.

Review on G2.

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