ClickFunnels Platform Details & Review

ClickFunnels create high converting online sales funnels. It allows you to effortlessly build and manage a marketing funnel from start to finish.


ClickFunnels is a landing page and funnel builder that helps businesses grow by automating marketing processes. With the inbuilt templates, professionals can create custom landing pages or funnels to attract customers and assist their sales process.

Clickfunnels Features

  • With Sales Funnels Builder, entrepreneurs can create marketing funnels and turn these leads into paying customers with ease by using all the tools and steps available.
  • The "Automation Tab" allows you to create e-mail sequences. You can customize subject lines, add names, configure SMTP, and schedule. Furthermore, users can choose from a variety of pre-designed email templates.
  • You can test conversions for two individual page variations using ClickFunnels' A/B Split Tests feature. You will be able to compare different page layouts and sales funnels side by side. Depending on how well the conversions performed, you can choose the best option.


  • Building online presence with just simple drag and drop, customizable templates, super easy and fast integration with third party platforms.
  • It is a user-friendly platform with a lot of templates to choose from.
  • ClickFunnels statistics dashboard is a feature that does all the information and data capturing on your behalf.


  • It is expensive compared to other alternatives.
  • It doesn't integrate natively to some of the enterprise solutions like Marketo.
  • It is complicated to understand for a newbie or for those who is not familiar with technical terms.

ClickFunnels Reviews

"Expensive, unwieldy, but a solid lead page creator"

Often times the program is clulcky and unintuitive. It requires great effort to learn all the ins and outs, despite claims about ease of use, and many of the integrations aren't as smooth as claimed. also has limited integration with shopify, despite being a major player with a lot of mutually beneficial possibilities.

Review on G2.

"ClickFunnels Review"

ClickFunnels is a sales funnel generator that is helping my business automate its sales process. What I like best about ClickFunnels are its numerous pre-made customizable designs. This helps my business quickly and easily build our click funnel from start to finish. Some of the templates that I have found most useful are the array of vast opt-in pages, landing pages, and squeeze pages.

Review on G2.

"Don't Use ClickFunnels"

Negative overall experience. It was nice to get into the direct marketing world through Clickfunnels, but I quickly realized that there are 100 other software I would rather use, which sucks to see because they're on of the original in the direct marketing world. It would be as if Apple stopped updating the iPhone, and just hoped it was good enough year after year without any improvements at all.

Review on Capterra.

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