Don’t slack off on community

Growing a community on Slack can get very confusing. Let’s make things easy for you.

  • 100% white-labeled on web
  • 9 Channel types
  • Scalable mobile app
  • Live events, forums, chat, media
  • Community coin & Shop
  • Roles & permissions
  • API & SSO on request
  • Audio/Video rooms
  • 24x7 support
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Comparing Scenes vs. Slack

Starts at $39/mo
Starts at $39/mo
Live Audio Stage Channel
Live Video Stage Channel
Metaverse Channel
Media, Resource, Newsletter Channel
Group Chat Channel
Forum Channel
Shop Channel
Coming Soon
Event Calendar Channel
In-App Rewards System
Push Notifications
Powerful Moderation
Powerful Roles & Permission System
Live Events on Mobile App (Upto 10k Listeners)
Scalable Mobile App (iOS / Android)
Public / Private Channels
User Profile Customization
User Interactions (Follows etc.)
Video Streaming
API (On Request)
VPC (On Request)
Single Sign-n (SSO)
Member Limit
$2/member in India

Why bother switching?

Slack isn’t your solution to community building. But maybe we are.

Live events

Conducting live events on your app may sound difficult. But with Scenes, we’ve made it a piece of cake. Your community events will soon be the talk of the town (we promise).

Scenes Stage and Calendar


If you’re looking to build community engagement with forums; Discord isn’t your best bet. But Scenes definitely is.

Video streaming

Help your community members connect with each other in real-time. With our video streaming feature, they can share their screens without any hassle.

Scenes Stage

What’s the verdict?

Slack is a great platform to use in the workplace. It allows for quick update calls and channels for team discussions. But it’s really not the best platform to use when you build a community.

Face-to-face interaction is very important in relationship building. Slack doesn’t have a video feature, and there’s no way to conduct community events either.

Yes, all community platforms have their pros and cons. But on Scenes, we’ve added all the pros and subtracted the cons. So, are you ready for the ultimate community experience?


Ready to build a thriving community with Scenes?

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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to run cohort-based courses (CBCs) on Scenes. How can I do this?

We’ve hosted a number of CBCs over the years, so while building Scenes, we made sure to equip it with all the features needed to promote community learning. Live stages, forums, resources, newsletters, group chat, shop - we’ve got it all.

What happens to all of the data you get from our community members?

Data is a numero-uno requirement for businesses today. This is why we make it a point to loop you in on all of the insights we get from your community members. You can then use this data for email campaigns and targeted ads.

I already have a community on another platform. Is there any scope for community migration on Scenes?

Don’t worry. We cover all our bases - and community migration is something we’ve accounted for with Scenes. Just book a consultation call with one of our community experts, and we’ll guide you through the whole process of switching your community platform.

Can we create blogs on Scenes?

You can do a lot  of things on Scenes, and writing blogs is definitely one of them. Your community members can embed different media types like videos and images in the article too.