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billed monthly
✅ Upto 500 members
✅ Unlimited Events
✅ Unlimited Viewers
✅ Unlimited Speakers
✅ Unlimited Channels
✅ Access to 9 Channel types
✅ Scenes Mobile App (iOS, Android)
✅ RTMP Streaming
✅ SEO visibility
✅ Color/Font Customization
✅ Roles, Moderators, Permissions
✅ Custom Roles
✅ Ban, Mute, Kick
✅ Fully Managed Video/Audio Calls & Webinars
✅ Notifications via Email & App
✅ 5 GB Storage
✅100MB File Upload limit
✅ 3% Shop Channel Fees
billed monthly
Everything in Basic, and:
✅ Upto 10,000 members
✅ Whitelabeled community
✅ 15 GB File storage
✅ 500MB File upload
✅ Cloud Recording feature
✅ 1% Shop Channel Fees
✅ SSO login
billed monthly
Everything in Power, and:
✅ Custom CSS
✅ Custom SSO
✅ 0.5% Shop Channel Fees
✅ White-labelled Mobile App (iOS, Android)
✅ 100 GB Storage
✅ File upload limit of 1GB
✅ Dedicated Customer Success Manager
✅ Concierge onboarding
✅ API Access (Coming Soon)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this cheating?

No. We’ve taken extra precautions to confirm that every service we provide is also provided (at a much lower quality) by college writing centers. We DO NOT create any unique content. Formatically is not another “paper mill.” We work with papers that have already been written to help students stress less and get the best grade possible

📋 What formats do you support?

The most recent editions of MLA & APA. We plan to support all of the most common formatting styles including MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian, and Harvard in the future.

Can I share an account with a friend?

You cannot share accounts, but we do make it easy to invite friends and receive discounts. When friends signs up you both receive a 10% discount toward any plan. Get an entire year of formatting for free when 10 friends sign up! Request a link.

Can you fix my grammar mistakes?

Yes! We proofread your entire paper and correct any grammar mistakes just like a writing center would.

How long will it take?

The vast majority of papers take less than 24 hours. If you need it sooner let us know after uploading your essay and we’ll take care of it. An additional charge may be required for expedited delivery. Check our coupons for discounts.

Will you write my paper for me?

Absolutely not! That would be cheating. We help you get the best grade possible on papers you have already written.  

Do you offer any discounts?

We sure do! We have several coupons available right now. Click here to view our current discounts.

Do you check for plagiarism?

Yes! If any instances of plagiarism appear in your paper we will immediately notify you.

A unified space for your entire community

Scenes gives you what you need to manage, moderate, and monetize a large community with ease.
Dynamic libraries
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The new continuous
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Atomic hand-off &
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Dynamic libraries
for styles and assets
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The new continuous
delivery system
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Atomic hand-off & component focused
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