Why Podia Is Not An Ideal Course Creation Platform For You

November 18, 2021

A few months ago, I was at an event at which the creators of courses as well as community members were present. Every person had a plan they presented to their intended audience. One of the biggest debates that took place in every group is whether classes that were live were more effective than recordings.

It seemed to me to be a simple fact that live classes are superior to recordings in every aspect. Think about it this way; recordings permit the students to learn at their own speed, but it requires a determined group to get the motivation needed to complete the entire course.

Live classes, in addition to providing the opportunity to engage in dialog with the teacher and students, creates a sense of accountability. If you're an instructor that has students in a class I'm not going to tell you about the decline in participation rates at the midpoint of CBC.

Learning is and has always been an experience that was social. Taking the experience in live class is similar to eating cheese pizza without cheese, and isn't that a bit odd?

I can remember in an online live class with my virtual benchmate, I would make amusing comments about the instructor. There's nothing like getting your questions answered the moment you're experiencing a persistent doubt in your head. These components form the foundation for any learning online. Also, without live instruction, your online course won't be fully completed.

This leads me to the issue of who claims to provide an all-in-one online platform when they're missing the most crucial element of an online course in 2021: live classes. There's no built-in way to allow online classes on Podia The only option is to incorporate the capabilities of Zoom account with Podia that, in turn, will require an additional cost of the Zoom subscription.

It's the truth that Podia is a great platform to help you organize and conduct your class . If you're looking for an opportunity to upload videos you already have , I won't hesitate to suggest you. But , recordings of lectures are now a thing of the past!

Demand for live lectures has been steadily increasing in recent years and many course creators have already caught up to this change by combining their online courses with recordings of lectures along with live Q&A sessions every week on a regular basis. It's not an exaggeration, however, these course makers have seen substantial increases in revenues (upto 10x) when they integrate Live lectures in their curriculum.

Most important to consider is that if your application does not adapt to the needs of the EdTech users, it's likely that you'll be lost. To remain ahead of the curve you will require an application that combines all the features required into one platform. That's something that Podia is clearly not able to do.

When we were evaluating the present EdTech game ahead of time, we developed Scenes that is a complete platform to host your online courses and its community. Let me provide a little information about the differentiators among Podia and Scenes. Then, you will be able to review.

Comparison Table

Feature Mighty Networks Scenes
Pricing $28 - $98 Free
Seamless UI/UX
Audio Live Stage
Video Live Stage
Community Engagement and Retention
Community Chat/Messaging
Live Event Calendar
In-community Coin System
Online Course Hosting Only on $98 plan Free
Memberships Feature
Discussion Forums
Media and Link Share
Role Customization(Public/Private)
Monetization Features (Shop)
Moderation Tools

A platform for hosting online courses that doesn't offer live audio and video features that cost $100 per month is unconscionable. I'm sure I'm not fair , but it's ridiculous. It's likely that you're thinking about the idea.

Scenes were created by a team of course creators and creators. We're aware of the difficulties that course creators face in other courses. We're always seeking ways to improve our course in the near future.

If you're in search of an easy-to-use platform that is free of cost, that offers outstanding customer service and easy user interface to run classes online or manage your own brand's community, take a look at Scenes.

Contact any of our Community Doctors to make an appointment to have a no-cost consultation. We'll assist you in understanding what you need to know before starting. We also offer migration services to your current group or the existing one you have.