Why Mighty Networks is NOT The Best Tool For Your Online Courses/Community

March 29, 2021

You’re probably someone who has been using Mighty Networks or is considering using Mighty Networks for your online courses or your brand/personal community. I’ll do my best in order to give you an unbiased picture of the platform; what it’s great at and what it isn’t. All cards are on the table!

No doubt that it has a few cool features that enable you to manage your community but it’s far away from the all-in-one solution it claims to be. When you’re paying ~$100 for a community platform, you expect more than the basic features that countless free-to-use platforms offer. This is one of the core reasons why Mighty Networks fails to offer course makers and community leaders an end-to-end solution.

Let’s take a deeper look into the key pain points we’ve heard from multiple Mighty Networks users and why there is a need for a Mighty Networks alternative.

Problems with Mighty Networks

Expensive Pricing :

Mighty Networks does claim to be an affordable option with their dynamic pricing plans. But the real question here is, why pay for a service that offers the most basic of features that countless other platforms offer completely for free?

Non-intuitive Experience :

Having a ton of features is one thing while integrating all of them in a seamless way to make a simple user experience is a whole different ball game. I’ve heard countless users whine about how difficult it is to navigate through Mighty Network’s complex UI; eventually leading to their customers/community members dropping off.

Now when you’re paying for a service like this, you certainly don’t want your users to just leave because of user-experience issues.

Low Engagement :

This problem simply follows the previous one; if your community finds it hard to navigate through the platform, it gets even harder for them to engage. Moreover, there is literally no incentive for the members to navigate through all the conundrums.

No In-App Video Hosting :

You read that right. You’re paying for service nearly ~$100, to begin with, and now you’re having to pay another service like Zoom or a similar platform for their video-hosting services only so that you can embed it back onto Mighty Networks. How can one claim to be an all-in-one community platform without video hosting; a driver for live events that happens to be one of the basic pillars of a community or an online course.

Even if you do have a premium subscription to a video hosting service, why go through the hassle of integrating it onto Mighty Networks every single time for an event?

So What’s The Alternative to Mighty Networks?

A platform that solves each of the problems mentioned above is an ideal solution to a Mighty Networks Alternative.

A Reasonably Priced or Free Platform :

There are very few tools that let you manage your online course or run your community for a reasonable price or for free with all the feature sets you to need.

Reasonable Prices :

Tribe.so, Podia, Kajabi

Free Tools :

Discord, Scenes

Simple and Intuitive User Experience :

What good is a community platform if your community members drop off because the platform is hard to grasp. That is the definition of being counter-productive. Moreover, in 2021 where most internet users are logging in from a mobile device, it becomes crucial that the platform is built mobile-first.

Alternatives :


High Community Engagement :

A platform that has all the right ingredients to drive engagement. I know that’s a vague way of putting it but to get into a little more detail, a platform that has seamless chat integrations where most conversations happen, forums, incentivization features to reward your most loyal community members, etc.

Alternatives :

Discord, Scenes

In-App Video Hosting :

A platform that lets you start a live event in one or two clicks at max; where you don’t have to pay for or integrate third-party tools.

Alternatives :

Discord, Scenes

If you look at the alternatives and do a quick tally, Scenes is the one app that solves all the problems that Mighty Networks users and admins encounter. Let’s take a quick comparison between these platforms in a more detailed way.

Comparison Table

Feature Mighty Networks Scenes
Pricing $28 - $98 Free
Seamless UI/UX
Audio Live Stage
Video Live Stage
Community Engagement and Retention
Community Chat/Messaging
Live Event Calendar
In-community Coin System
Online Course Hosting
Memberships Feature
Discussion Forums
Media and Link Share
Role Customization(Public/Private)
Monetization Features (Shop)
Moderation Tools

I mentioned in the beginning that I will provide an unbiased view on what is a better alternative to using Mighty Networks. The data speaks for itself!

If you’re looking for a free-to-use platform with great customer support and a seamless user experience to conduct your online course or to run your personal/brand community, look no further than Scenes.

Get in touch with one of our Community Doctors for a free consultation and we’ll tell you how to get started.

Scenes is an all-in-one free community app that replaces 10+ tools.