Why Kajabi Is Not An Ideal Course Creation Platform For You

November 19, 2021

A while ago I attended an event where course creators and community leaders gathered. Everyone had a course they were promoting to their customers and one of the main arguments that raged in each circle was whether live courses were superior to recorded ones.

For me, it was an obvious fact that live classes were superior to recordings in every way. Consider it this way; recorded material allows the student to go through the material in their own time, but it is a determined group to be the necessary motivation to complete the entire course.

Live classes, apart from providing an avenue for discussion between the instructor and student, it also creates a sense of responsibility. When you're an instructor in students in a group I'm not required to speak to you about declining participation rates in mid-point of CBC.

Learning is, and always has been a social event and removing the classroom aspect of it could be like eating the cheese pizza with no cheese, which isn't or sense!

I recall during a live class online, my virtual benchmate and I would play amusing remarks regarding the teacher. There is nothing like the satisfaction of having your doubts sorted out when you're having a nagging doubt in your mind. These elements form the foundation of any online learning experience. In other words, without live classes the online course you are taking is not complete.

This brings me to the question of how one claims to offer an "all-in-one with one online platform'' even though they're not lacking the most important element of a course in 2021, Live classes. There is no built-in option to allow online classes using Kajabi The only option is to connect your Zoom account with Kajabi and, of course, the additional cost for a Zoom subscription.

It's true that Kajabi offers a variety of great tools to help you organize and run your course . And if you're seeking a platform to simply upload your existing video I'd not attempt to hinder you. However, recorded lectures have been a thing of the past!

Live lectures have seen an increase in frequency over the years. Many course makers have already responded to the changing times by blending their online courses by incorporating the use of recorded lectures and live Q&A sessions every week. It's not a stretch to say however, the coursemakers have experienced a significant growth in revenue (upto 10x) when they incorporate live lectures into their curriculum offerings.

The main point is that if you do not meet the needs of the EdTech user base You will be out of the game. Being ahead requires an online platform that offers all the essential features integrated into one tool, which Kajabi is clearly not able to provide.

In the process of assessing the current EdTech game before we even started we created Scenes which is a complete platform for hosting your online classes and the community. Let me provide you with some quick details about the differences between Kajabi and Scenes , and you have a glance.

Comparison Table

Feature Circle Tribe.so Scenes
Live Audio Stage
Live Video Stage
Video Streaming
Group Chat
Media, Resources and Newsletters
Event Calendar
Spatial Channel
Shop Channel (India payments) Coming Soon
Push Notifications
Role Customization
Public/Private Channels
In-App Coin System
User Profile Customization
User Interactions (Follows, etc)
Moderation Tools (Kick, Ban, etc)
Whitelabelling/Custom Domain Coming Soon
Analytics Coming Soon
Member Limit 10K on $79
100K on $199
Unlimited Unlimited
Pricing $39 - $199 $28 - $98 Free

The data speaks for itself!

If you’re looking to run your online course or your community on a simple and easy-to-use platform with all the necessary features, look no further than Scenes.

Get in touch with one of our Community Doctors for a free consultation and we’ll tell you how to get started.