Why Discord Is NOT The Best Tool For Your Community/Online Course

November 19, 2021

Discord is now an instant messaging and digital distribution platform designed to build communities. It started because the founders wanted a communication tool for their gamer friends without depending on Skype and TeamSpeak.

Building an online community was just a happy accident—both communication and collaboration weren’t the goals. This is why online community building can’t (and shouldn’t have to) depend on the platform to serve the needs of their community.

Why Do We Need A Discord Alternative?

Any online community building platform should empower community builders to manage their communities, not the tools. It should serve as a tool for both communication and collaboration. Unfortunately, Discord isn’t the right fit for people building business communities. Let’s explore a few of the most outspoken pain points felt by Discord users.

Problems with Discord :

1.Limited Channel Library:

Voice/Video and Text; that’s all you can do on Discord. If you have at some point been an admin of a buzzing Discord server, I don’t have to tell you how chaotic the chat channel sometimes get. Moreover, it is impractical to follow conversations on the endless text channels if you drop-in during the middle of a conversation.

2.Broken Notification System:

Say you have 1000 members on your Discord server. When you make an announcement calling for all your community members, the notification does not reach 100% of your community. What good is a community platform that doesn’t allow you to reach all your members?

3.No Incentivization:

Discord has Nitro for community incentivization; but it comes with a cost. What if there were a way to incentivize your community at zero costs and in addition, help retain your community members? Keep reading.

4.No Space For Forums/Links:

Say you want threaded discussions like the ones you have on Quora/Reddit, Discord has zero options for this. Everything is clogged into one bug text channel.

5.Not Built For Phones:

Platforms like Discord and Slack were built for desktops-first and mobile-next. When 61% of internet users around the world access it using a mobile device, it calls for a community platform that is built for the mobile.

An Alternative to Discord for Community/Online Courses

We studied a range of online community platforms that have been built to solve the shortcomings of Discord as a communication tool. Here are some features that we found were of utmost importance to finance and business communities to help them manage, moderate, and monetize their communities on one simple, powerful app.

1. Multiple Channel Types :

An ideal community/online course platform must support multiple channel types and not just text and video/audio. A community needs separate places to have topical discussions, post links, chat casually and also an event calendar to check up on upcoming events.

Alternatives :

Scenes, Slack , Podia

2. 100% Community Ownership :

Algorithms can’t stop your community from accessing all the platform’s content, links, and events. You, the admin, have complete control over your community. This is what an ideal community/online course platform should possess.

Alternatives :

Scenes, WhatsApp Groups, Telegram Groups, Podia

3. In-App Reward System :

A community/online course platform engages effectively when incentivized correctly. We, as human beings, get a kick when we get rewarded. An ideal community management tool must have an in-built reward system.

Alternatives :


4. Mobile-first :

A community/online course platform for 2021 MUST be built mobile-first. There is no option here!

Alternatives :

Scenes, WhatsApp, Telegram

5. Forum and Resources Channel :

A built-in Reddit-like channel where discussions can begin and their threads can be tracked. Another channel where links and documents like newsletters, etc can be shared.

Alternatives :

Slack, Podia, Mighty Networks, Scenes

If you look at the alternatives once again, Scenes clearly stands out as the best alternative for Discord as it solves each of its shortcomings.

Comparison Table

Build your kingdom using Scenes by Avalon and own your community!

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