Why Circle Is Not An Ideal Course Creation Platform For You

March 3, 2022

A while ago I was at an event where course creators and community leaders were in attendance. Everyone had a course they had pitched to their customers and one of the most important discussions that took place in each circle was whether live courses were superior to recorded ones.

For me, it was a given that live classes are superior to recorded materials in every way. Consider it this way; recordings allow students to go through the material at their own pace, but it is a persevering group to find the necessary motivation to complete the entire course.

Live lessons, apart from providing an avenue for discussion between the instructor and student, it also encourages a sense of accountability. When you're an instructor who has students in a group I'm not required to speak to you about declining participation rates in mid-point of CBC.

Learning is, and always has been a social activity and removing the aspect of live classes could be like eating the cheese pizza with no cheese. It's not or sense!

I recall during a live class online, my virtual benchmate and I would joke about the professor. There is nothing like the satisfaction of having your questions answered right when you're having a nagging doubt in your mind. These elements form the basis of any online learning experience. If you don't have live classes your online course will not be complete.

This brings me to the question of how anyone says they are an all-in-one online platform when they're not able to provide the most important component of a class in 2021: Live Classes. There isn't a built-in way to allow Live classes for students on Circle.

It's true that Circle is a great tool to help you organize and run your class. If you're searching for a platform for uploading your old videos I'd not attempt to hinder you. But , recordings of lectures have been a thing of the past!

Live lectures have seen an increase in frequency over the years. Many course providers have already adjusted to the changing times by blending their online courses using the use of recorded lectures, as well as live Q&A sessions every week. This isn't an exaggeration but these coursemakers have seen a significant increase in their revenue (upto 10x) after incorporating Live Lectures in their courses.

The most important thing to remember is that if you do not adjust to the demands of the EdTech user base it is likely that you will be out of the game. To stay ahead, you need an application that includes all the essential features integrated into one platform; which is something that Circle is clearly not able to do.

Recognizing the new EdTech game in advance we created Scenes as a truly all-in-one platform for hosting your online classes and the community. Let me provide you with an overview of the features that are available between Circle and Scenes, and then you have a glance.

Comparison Table




Live Audio Stage

Live Video Stage

Video Streaming

Group Chat


Media, Resources and Newsletters

Event Calendar

Spatial Channel

Shop Channel (India payments)

Push Notifications

Role Customization

Public/Private Channels

In-App Coin System

User Profile Customization

User Interactions (Follows, etc)

Moderation Tools (Kick, Ban, etc)

Whitelabelling/Custom Domain


Coming Soon

Member Limit

10K on $79

100K on $199



$39 - $199


An online platform for hosting courses which doesn't have live Audio and Video features, priced at around $200 per month, makes sense. Yes, I'm being harsh, but it's really absurd do you not think?

Scenes was created by a group composed of course makers and creators, so we're aware of the struggles encountered by coursemakers from other courses and we're constantly developing for the future.

If you're in search of an affordable platform that offers excellent customer service and a smooth user experience to run your online course , or manage your personal or brand community Look no further than Scenes.

Contact one of our Community Doctors to schedule a no-cost consultation. We'll explain how you can begin. We can also assist with migrations for your current cohort or community.