WhatsApp Groups : The Worst Platform To Host Your Online Course Community At. Here’s Why!

September 30, 2022

WhatsApp Groups have been the simplest way to kickstart any kind of a community; be it your online course group, or an interest-based community or a networking and value-based group. Create a group, add your contacts and voila!

No denying that the ultra-simple 2-step process has made it easy for anyone and everyone to get started with their community-based activities. But this ease and satisfaction of getting it done so quickly wear off very fast; especially when your member count increases and when you start sharing multiple pieces of information. It doesn’t take too long for communication to become chaotic in a WhatsApp Group. You have multiple people sharing links, parallel conversations happening, you posting your next live-webinar updates, all in the same place.

Regardless of its simplicity, community or cohort management for your online courses demands for a slightly more sophisticated tool. A WhatsApp Groups alternative is long due for coursemakers, community owners and solopreneurs.

But first, let’s take a deeper look at the problems in hosting your community on a WhatsApp Group.

Problems with WhatsApp Groups

No Channel Separation :

Be it important announcements, useful links, event updates, topical discussions or casual chit-chat, there is absolutely no separation in  WhatsApp Group for any of these activities. Everything happens in one single chat group and it takes very little time for the group to become chaotic.

No Live Audio/Video Feature :

A core aspect of every online course or community is the live webinars/events. Moreover, it adds the extra hassle to switch between multiple tools for different purposes.

Privacy Issues :

This is one of the biggest pain points we’ve heard about WhatsApp. After the recent incidents at Facebook HQ, people have become wary of all of Facebook’s child companies and security has been a major concern for people using WhatsApp.

Group Limit :

256 members and you’re bust. That’s the upper limit for a WhatsApp Group. If you have more than 256 members in your community, the only solution is to start a new group and post the same content there as well; double the effort to manage.

So What’s The Alternative to WhatsApp Groups?

A platform that solves each of the problems mentioned above is an ideal solution to WhatsApp Groups to manage your online course community.

Multiple Channel Types :

Each of your content pieces of information pieces that you send out to your group belongs to a certain category. Some are useful links, some are the start to a discussion, some are just casual chats; each of these requires separate channels for ease of communication and to avoid chaos. An ideal online course community platform would have channel separation

Alternatives :

Scenes, Circle, Podia

Live Stage for Audio/Video :

Webinars and events being the pillars of online courses and communities, there is a real need for these features to be integrated within the online course tool you’re using to manage your community.

Alternatives :

Scenes, Discord

Privacy and Encryption :

Your community should be your own and no one else should be able to access your data in order to take advantage of your community. WhatsApp ensures end-to-end encryption but we all know what went down recently.

Alternatives :

Discord, Scenes, Mighty Networks, Circle, Tribe, Podia

Unlimited Members :

An ideal course running or community platform should not restrict its member limit. That simply blocks your ability to scale beyond a point and doubles your effort.

Alternatives :

Discord, Scenes, Mighty Networks, Podia

If you look at the alternatives and do a quick tally, Scenes is the one app that solves all the problems that WhatsApp Group users and admins encounter. Let’s take a quick comparison between these platforms in a more detailed way.

Comparison Table between Whatsapp groups and Scenes

Feature WhatsApp Groups Scenes
Live Audio Stage
Live Video Stage
Group Chat
Discussion Forum
Media and Resources Channel
In-App Shop
Spatial Channel
Live Event Calendar
In-community Coin System
Online Course with Multiple Cohorts
Memberships Feature
Role Customization(Public/Private)
Moderation Tools
Member Limit 256 Members Unlimited
Pricing Free Free

The data speaks for itself!

If you’re looking to run your online course or your community on a simple and easy-to-use platform with all the necessary features, look no further than Scenes.

Get in touch with one of our Community Doctors for a free consultation and we’ll tell you how to get started.