The Best Alternative to WhatsApp Groups for your Online Course

November 19, 2021

Scenes is an all-in-one free community app that replaces 10+ tools

WhatsApp Groups have been the simplest way to kickstart any kind of a community; be it your online course group, or an interest-based community or a networking and value-based group. Create a group, add your contacts and voila!

No denying that the ultra-simple 2-step process has made it easy for anyone and everyone to get started with their community-based activities. But this ease and satisfaction of getting it done so quickly wears off very fast; especially when your member count increases and when you start sharing multiple pieces of information. It doesn’t take too long for communication to become chaotic in a WhatsApp Group. You have multiple people sharing links, parallel conversations happening, you posting your next live-webinar updates, all in the same place. 

Regardless of its simplicity, community or cohort management for your online courses demands for a slightly more sophisticated tool. A WhatsApp Groups alternative is long due for coursemakers, community owners and solopreneurs.

But first, let’s take a deeper look at the problems in hosting your community on a WhatsApp Group.

Problems with WhatsApp Groups

No Channel Separation :

Be it important announcements, useful links, event updates, topical discussions or casual chit-chat, there is absolutely no separation in  WhatsApp Group for any of these activities. Everything happens in one single chat-group and it takes very little time for the group to become chaotic. .

No Live Audio/Video Feature :

A core aspect of every online course or a community is the live webinars/events. Moreover, it adds in extra hassle to switch between multiple tools for different purposes.

Privacy Issues :

This is one of the biggest pain-points we’ve heard about WhatsApp. After the recent incidents at Facebook HQ, people have become wary of all of Facebook’s child companies and security has been a major concern for people using WhatsApp.

Group Limit :

256 members and you’re bust. That’s the upper limit for a WhatsApp Group. If you have more than 256 members in your community, the only solution is to start a new group and post the same content there as well; double the effort to manage.

So What’s The Alternative to WhatsApp Groups?

A platform that solves each of the problems mentioned above is an ideal solution to WhatsApp Groups to manage your online course community.

Multiple Channel Types :

Each of your content-pieces of information pieces that you send out on your group belongs to a certain category. Some are useful links, some are the start to a discussion, some are just casual chats; each of these require separate channels for ease of communication and to avoid chaos. An ideal online course community platform would have channel separation

Alternatives :

Scenes, Circle, Podia

Live Stage for Audio/Video :

Webinars and events being the pillars of online courses and communities, there is a real need for these features to be integrated within the online course tool you’re using to manage your community.

Alternatives :

Scenes, Discord

Privacy and Encryption :

Your community should be your own and no one else should be able to access your data in order to take advantage of your community. WhatsApp ensures end-to-end encryption but we all know what went down recently. 

Alternatives :

Discord, Scenes, Mighty Networks, Circle, Tribe, Podia

Unlimited Members :

An ideal course running or community platform should not restrict its member limit. That simply blocks your ability to scale beyond a point and doubles your effort.

Alternatives :

Discord, Scenes, Mighty Networks, Podia

If you look at the alternatives and do a quick tally, Scenes is the one-app that solves all the problems that WhatsApp Group users and admins encounter. Let’s take a quick comparison between these platforms in a more detailed way.

Comparison Table

Feature WhatsApp Groups Scenes
Live Audio Stage
Live Video Stage
Group Chat
Discussion Forum
Media and Resources Channel
In-App Shop
Spatial Channel
Live Event Calendar
In-community Coin System
Online Course with Multiple Cohorts
Memberships Feature
Role Customization(Public/Private)
Moderation Tools
Member Limit 256 Members Unlimited
Pricing Free Free

The data speaks for itself!

If you’re looking to run your online course or your community on a simple and easy-to-use platform with all the necessary features, look no further than Scenes.

Get in touch with one of our Community Doctors for a free consultation and we’ll tell you how to get started.