The Best Alternative to Facebook Groups

June 8, 2022

Scenes is an all-in-one free community app that replaces 10+ tools

It’s nothing new that most of us have nearly stopped using Facebook as a social media app. However, there is one part of Facebook that still thrives; Facebook Groups.

Creators, Interest groups, Networking enthusiasts and marketplaces continue to run and manage their communities on Facebook Groups. But only a Facebook Group owner knows the real effort it takes to keep the community alive. A community that they don’t even own and control; a community whose reach is throttled by Facebook, a tool that is non-customizable and chaotic.

I’ve heard countless Facebook Group owners whine about how they feel the platform owns their communities rather than them. And I do empathize with their frustration; let’s take a deeper look at why community owners are frustrated with Facebook Groups. Maybe you’ll find some of your own frustrations here :

Problems with Facebook Groups

You Don’t Own Your Group :

It’s a known fact that Facebook shows your content to lesser than 10% of your audience/group members. Ask yourself again; who has control over your community here?

Non-customizable :

You can setup a Facebook group in less than 5 minutes! It’s pretty quick; but in reality, you’re losing out on customization. An alternative to Facebook Groups would have options to create unlimited channels and grouping options that let you manage your community effortlessly. 

In this case, Facebook again seems to be in the driver’s seat!

Not-Optimized for Mobile :

Facebook Groups was built desktop-first and mobile-second. In 2021, 68.1% of website clicks came from mobile phones. In a world that is mobile-first, an alternative to Facebook Groups would be a community app that is built mobile-first groundup. 

Doesn’t let you control :

Regardless of what product changes are happening, Facebook doesn’t consult its users before making big changes to the UI. They may end up changing some feature or functionality that will affect your community growth and retention.

In fact they’re already affecting growth by taking a big byte from your reach. An ideal alternative to Facebook Groups should enable you to own AND control your community.

So What’s The Alternative to Facebook Groups?

A platform that solves each of the problems mentioned above is an ideal solution to a Facebook Group Alternative.

100% Community Ownership :

An app where your content, link, events, etc reaching 100% of your audience/group members.

Here are a few apps that offer this : WhatsApp, Telegram, Scenes by Avalon, Discord and Slack.

Fully customizable :

A community app that lets you choose the kind of community you want to create. Let’s you add unlimited channel types with all kinds of functionalities like forums, live audio/video, role-creation, monetization options and more. 

Here are a few apps that offer this : Scenes by Avalon, Discord and Slack.

Built Mobile-First :

An app built for 2021 is always mobile-first. If your community is run on an app that is not made mobile-friendly, you lost out on growth and retention of your community.

Here are a few apps that offer this : WhatsApp, Telegram, Scenes by Avalon

You Have Complete Control :

If content is king, community is kingdom. What’s the point of putting out content if you don’t have complete control and ownership over your audience/group? You need a Facebook Group alternative where your kingdom is truly yours.

Here are a few apps that offer this : WhatsApp, Telegram, Scenes by Avalon, Discord, Slack.

If you notice more carefully, Scenes by Avalon is the one-app that solves all the problems that a Facebook Group Owner encounters. Let’s take a quick comparison between these platforms in a more detailed way.

Comparison Table

Feature Facebook Groups Scenes
Audio Live Stage
Video Live Stage
Discussion Forums
Media and Link Share
Community Chat
Event Calendar
Community Ownership
Customizable Channels
Monetization Features (Shop)
In-community Coin System
Moderation Tools
Community Roles
Community Engagement and Retention

Build your kingdom using Scenes by Avalon and own your community!

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