Mighty Networks Lack The Basic Features Required To Run A Course

May 16, 2022

Recently, I had spoken to a few online course makers who host their respective courses on Mighty Networks. I wanted to understand the pain-points course makers face while they’re using existing platform solutions on course hosting; in this case, Mighty Networks. 

I heard quite a few significant complaints and “I wish Mighty Networks had X feature” statements. It lacked a in-built video/audio feature for Live QnA sessions, lacked a course calendar, video streaming and a few more key features but what struck me was the lack of a Group Chat feature. 

I won’t be this surprised if learning is simply about taking in information from the instructor. But the reality is that it isn’t; learning is a social experience. There have been countless studies and researches that prove that learning is done better when it is done in the manner of a social activity. Think about this : You teach an online course and there’s no one-place on your course hosting tool where your cohort can engage and chat with each other. The only workaround to this is to have a separate WhatsApp group with all your students. But how can Mighty Networks claim to be an all-in-one online course tool when it lacks the mere basic feature; Group Chat, that facilitates the learning process?

Ultimately, Mighty Network does not enable online course makers to manage their course communities but rather makes them manage multiple tools while still claiming to be an all-in-one tool. This is one of the many details we took into account when we built Scenes; a true all-in-one community platform for course makers and coaches alike. We scanned multiple so-called ‘all-in-one’ course hosting tools including Mighty Networks and built everything they offered and everything they lacked into one simple platform. 

Here at Scenes, we are creators and course makers ourselves and we truly understand the pain points faced by our fellow professionals. Hence, we built a platform that is truly ready for the future of learning. Let me give you a quick comparison of features between Mighty Networks and Scenes and you can have an unbiased look at it.

Comparison Table

Feature Mighty Networks Scenes
Pricing $28 - $98 Free
Seamless UI/UX
Audio Live Stage
Video Live Stage
Community Engagement and Retention
Community Chat/Messaging
Live Event Calendar
In-community Coin System
Online Course Hosting
Memberships Feature
Discussion Forums
Media and Link Share
Role Customization(Public/Private)
Monetization Features (Shop)
Moderation Tools

We at Scenes also do free migrations for your existing cohort on other platforms. Interested in exploring Scenes for your online course hosting?

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