Don’t Use For Your Online Courses. Here’s Why!

July 20, 2021

In the last few weeks, The Facebook Company changed its name to Meta The company turned its attention towards the Metaverse. If you're not familiar with it, Metaverse is a 3-D Virtual Reality universe where users can live in and interact with one another. There's been plenty of discussions about Metaverse being portrayed as the 'future of the internet'. The name change of Facebook confirms these claims that we're indeed heading into a brand new world entirely.

How will this affect the online learning experience? Yes, absolutely. But how do you know?

Imagine that you are teaching your online class in a 2D environment in which you and all of your students look like video game characters. It's a 2D classroom complete with desks, benches and so on. Students is able to move around the virtual classroom by using their arrow keys. Similar to being Dave as well as Mario. Everybody can de-mute their microphones for a conversation with one another. The atmosphere of the class was simulated!

Learning has always been a shared experience. Virtual classrooms may appear to be a simple addition at first, however, these settings have been proven to boost retention among students as the course develops. In addition, it has been demonstrated to have significant effects on the social aspect of learning via e-learning. Students who participate in these types of situations feel more in touch with their tutor and fellow students because it gives them the feeling that they are in the classroom. The final thing to note is this is the future of learning online and if you're not on board, you're being left out!

It's only an issue of time before coursemakers begin moving to platforms that allow access to these kinds of ecosystems. With Meta being the leader, Metaverse is the way to go. The sooner you join the vessel the better your figures will appear in terms of engagement and revenues. Profit from it when it's still in the early stages.

A platform such as isn't and likely does not offer a feature that permits online course providers to host their student groups in these virtual spaces. If you're trying to ensure your course is future-proof, might not be the ideal tool to start with. Furthermore, lacks in many aspects that I believe are essential for online courses, such as live audio and video for instance. Today's courses consist of recorded lectures as well as Live Q&As. It costs $200 to purchase and then paying for an additional Zoom subscription to use the video integration. Makes no sense right?

Recognizing the coming EdTech trend in advance We designed Scenes, an all-in-one platform that lets you host your online courses and community, and virtual classrooms to your class. Scenes is designed for the online course creators in the near future! Let me provide you with an overview of the features that are available between and Scenes, so you will be able to take an objective review.

Comparison Table

Feature Tribe Scenes
Live Audio Stage
Live Video Stage
Video Streaming
Group Chat
Media, Resources and Newsletters
Event Calendar
Spatial Channel
Shop Channel (India payments) Coming Soon
Push Notifications
Role Customization
Public/Private Channels
In-App Coin System
User Profile Customization
User Interactions (Follows, etc)
Moderation Tools (Kick, Ban, etc)
Whitelabelling/Custom Domain Coming Soon
Analytics Coming Soon
Member Limit Unlimited Unlimited
Pricing $28 - $98 Free

Scenes was created by creators and course makers. We are aware of the difficulties coursemakers face and are constantly working on the future.

Scenes is the best platform for you if you are looking for an affordable solution that provides excellent customer service and smooth user experience.

To schedule a consultation, contact one of our community doctors. We will explain how to get started. We can assist you with any migrations that are required for your existing community or cohort.