Circle Lack The Basic Features Required To Run A Course

November 11, 2021

Recently, I've spoken to a handful of online course providers who host their course through Circle. I was interested in understanding the challenges course creators confront when they're using current platforms to host their courses. In this instance, Circle.

I have heard a lot of serious complaints as well as "I wish Circle had X feature" assertions. The software did not have an in-built audio/video feature that could be used for live QnA meetings and also lacked a calendar for courses as well as video streaming, and other key features. What surprised me was the absence of the Group Chat feature.

I wouldn't be so amazed if learning is merely learning from the teacher. However, it's not; learning is a social activity. There are a myriad of studies and researches which show that learning happens better when it's done as an interaction with others. Consider this when you are teaching an online course, but there's not a single location in your course hosting software in which your class can connect and communicate with each other. The only solution is to establish an individual WhatsApp group that includes all of your students. How can Circle claim to be an all-in-one online tool for learning even though it is missing the essential feature, Group Chat which facilitates teaching?

In the end, Circle does not enable online course creators to manage their communities of learners but instead makes them use multiple tools, and claims that it is an all-in-one platform. This is among the many aspects that we took into consideration when creating Scenes which is a complete community platform that is accessible to course creators as well as coaches. We looked at a variety of 'all-in-one tools for hosting courses, including Circle and built everything they could offer and everything else they did not have into one platform.

At Scenes we are course makers and creators and recognize the struggles that our colleagues face. Therefore, we created Scenes as a platform that is up to date with the latest trends in learning. Let me provide an overview of the features of Circle and Scenes and you'll be able to have an objective view of it.

Comparison Table




Live Audio Stage

Live Video Stage

Video Streaming

Group Chat


Media, Resources and Newsletters

Event Calendar

Spatial Channel

Shop Channel (India payments)

Push Notifications

Role Customization

Public/Private Channels

In-App Coin System

User Profile Customization

User Interactions (Follows, etc)

Moderation Tools (Kick, Ban, etc)

Whitelabelling/Custom Domain


Coming Soon

Member Limit

10K on $79

100K on $199



$39 - $199


Scenes can help you with this. Scenes can also provide free migrations to your current group using other platforms. Are you interested in exploring Scenes as a platform for hosting your courses online?

Reach out to the Community Doctor from our network for more information and get you started!