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Frequently Asked Questions

I like the features that Scenes has to offer but I would like some further information. Can we schedule a 1-1 demo call to take things further?


Absolutely. If you are considering Scenes’ Power or Enterprise Plan, we are more than happy to have someone from our Community team help you proceed further and clear any questions you may have.

Can I run my own Cohort-Based Course on Scenes?


Definitely! In fact, one of the use-cases we had in mind while building Scenes was to enable course-makers and coaches to run and manage their cohorts on our platform. Scenes has all the features required for CBCs like live stages, forums, resources and newsletters, group chat, shop and more. Moreover, it has been built mobile-first which ensures that your community has a seamless platform-experience on the go as well.

What kind of customer support does Scenes offer?


Once you become a part of a membership plan, you get access to our customer support community where all your queries will be solved as you ask. If you need further help, you can also schedule a -1 meeting once a month with our Community Doctors.

Can I migrate my existing cohort/community from another platform onto Scenes? Are there any charges involved in the migration?


Yes, we help you plan your entire migration journey from your existing platform onto Scenes. We’ve seen that people are often excited about additional features they get on Scenes like Live Audio/Video Stage, Spatial Channel, Group Chat and more. The process is completely free of cost. Once you buy one of our plans, just schedule a 1-1 consultation call with us and our Community Doctors will diagnose and advise you on how to proceed with the migration.

Do I own my community and my member data?


Absolutely! Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc don't let you own the community as all these are algorithm run. Scenes is nothing like these platforms. If you have a community of 1000 members, you reach all 1000 of your members. No algorithms! Moreover, you can also access all member data that we receive such as emails, etc so that you can later use these for your email campaigns, targeted ads, etc.

How is Scenes different from similar platforms like Mighty Networks,, Kajabi and


The features offered by Scenes are far more superior and seamless than what any of these platforms offer at the same price or higher. We here at Scenes are course makers and creators ourselves and we truly understand the pain-points faced by our peers. Hence, we were able to build a perfect solution. Moreover, Scenes is the only community platform that has been built mobile-first.
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