The Ultimate Guide To Grow Your Community Like A Pro

ultime guide to community-led growth by scenes

Why this guide? (you won’t find these strategies anywhere else)

Building a community is not just setting up a Discord server or creating a Facebook group or just choosing a whitelabel community platform like Mighty Networks, Scenes etc. 

It involves careful strategy, intentional efforts and figuring out the business goals you intend to achieve. 

Communities grow like trees (we’re serious here). You need to lay the seeds of value-sharing and nurture the roots(members) daily for the tree(community) to blossom. Without consistent attention or nurturing, the seeds will simply wither away. 

Which is why applying specific strategies to continuously grow your community becomes really important.

If you deploy these, you WILL see exponential growth in your community. Are you ready?

Why us? 

In 2020, we had scaled our Discord community to 50,000+ members in less than 10 months. 

In 2021, we built our own community app (pssst…Scenes) and scaled our community to 120,000+ members with 2200+ communities.

In the process, we harnessed the power of community to generate a revenue of over $500,000 for our business.

We know our craft!

Through our trials and tribulations, we have uncovered secret strategies to deploy community-led growth.

Spilling the secrets:

This guide will help you to understand community-led growth and specific strategies that ensure the same.

Each blog has advanced actionable advice. Whenever you're stuck with your own community goals with your business, you know where to come. 

Wishing you all the luck, future community lords.

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