New updates and improvements to Scenes.

April 11, 2022

🥇 Introducing Community Leaderboard

🥇 Introducing Community Leaderboard

Gamification is crucial while designing experiences for your community. Humans are naturally driven by incentives. Introducing, leaderboards that give your users a 10x addictive community experience.

🛠 Fixes

  • Fixed App redirect issues after logout
  • Made stability upgrades to search & drag-drop functionality

April 5, 2022

📧 Whitelabel your Email Notifications

📧 Whitelabel your Email Notifications

Brand or white label your Email notifications. Scenes Email Whitelabeling lets you apply a consistent look and feel to your email notifications.

🛠 Fixes

  • Profile Fixes: Added default upgrades to user profiles.
  • Comments Issue: Comments are now better and more stable
March 30, 2022

👆🏻 Drag & Drop to organize better

👆🏻 Drag & Drop to organize better

We have made it easier to setup your community. Reorder your categories & channels using drag-drop functionality.

✨ New

  • Track users by OS and Location in your analytics dashboard

🛠 Fixes

  • Missing Empty States: Woosh! Added some missing empty states
  • CSS Issues: Fixed CSS in default theme & links
March 28, 2022

🔎 Introducing Global Search

🔎  Introducing Global Search

You can now search for forum posts, resource posts, events, people and channels inside a community.

🛠 Fixes

  • Responsive Issues: Fixed responsive views in onboarding settings cards
  • Custom SSO: Fixed default styling of SSO Buttons
  • Max Limit: Added max limits to channel & category name
  • Settings Screen: Fixed settings layouts for smaller screen sizes

March 23, 2022

⚙️ Improvements

⚙️  Improvements
  • Mobile Theming Settings: Added mobile theming settings to the community settings tab
  • Edit Role: Added edit role functionality to the manage roles settings
  • Search Roles: Added the ability to search for roles & search for groups in manage roles settings & create roles settings

🛠 Fixes

  • Calendar Cards: Fixed shadows in the overview calendar cards
  • Error Messages: Added error messages for coin transfers
  • Styling: Share button fixed on the calendar details page
  • New Applications Settings: Fixed the table stretch issue

March 13, 2022

📈 Analytics Dashboard

📈 Analytics Dashboard

You can only improve what you know. By tying community goals to these metrics, you can monitor the performance and take actions or implement programs to improve these metrics. All of this is now possible through the analytics dashboard, where your community data is visualized into simple and understandable graphs.

You can filter the data based on dates and check the number of forum posts, comments, events created in that duration. With the retention graph, you can understand how many users are retained in the community and with the life cycle graph, your DAU (Daily active users) is split into people who are active, infrequent users, and people who are probably gonna churn.

🤝 Follower Following system

You can now follow/unfollow users in the community. What's the use of following someone you ask? Well on Scenes, in order to be able to message anyone you need to follow them first. If you gain more followers on Scenes it just means that you are someone with whom people want to talk and that's something you can brag.

💬 Direct Messaging

Now you can chat with folks directly on a 1-1 basis. Direct messaging works in scenes based on a request system, you can send a message to someone only when you follow them. if you do not follow someone and they message you, it goes to your request channels. You need to follow back to reply those messages.

🔗 Social links

Consolidate your social presence on Scenes. All you have to do is to add your social links to your scenes community profile. Anyone on the platform can check your Linkedin, twitter, facebook and Instagram.

📌 Pin a post

Important information gets lost in the flood of incoming posts. As an admin, you can now pin a particular post and make it the topmost post in a particular channel.

👀 Effortlessly share content to Linkedin

We understand how important LinkedIn has become in the social media game. You can now share any post/event on Scenes to Linkedin by hitting the share button on that post/event.

🔨 Custom OAuth

Previously Bubble SSO was enabled, now anyone who has developed their own OAuth based SSO can now integrate with their custom OAuth with their community

🚀 Single Sign-On(SSO) Login

Your Scenes community can be now be accessed through the same login system as your website. On Scenes, there’s an option to integrate with your native OAuth.

💰 See Your Retention Go Up with Gamification

Humans are driven by incentives. On Scenes, community owners can create virtual coins that are rewarded to members based on their activity. If you want members to post more content on your community, you can assign more coins for that activity and so on. These coins can then be cashed in by members to get exclusive invites, merchandise, etc.