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How To Monetize Your Community (2023 Top Tactic)

January 6, 2023
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Monetizing your community by running ads is a great idea. You get paid to share them and also get great content to share with your members.

How To Monetize Your Community (2023 Top Tactic)
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Running ads is one of the easiest ways to monetize your online community. You can approach relevant brands that want to advertise their products. If your community members fall within their target group, these brands will pay you. All you need to do is post a few advertisements in your community.

But why would brands pay to run their ads on your small community instead of sticking to Google or Facebook ads? Let’s find out.

Strong traffic that’s relevant

If you believe in “any traffic is good traffic”, you’re headed for some serious problems. This belief is the reason why community owners face poor conversion rates.

And if you ask why, let me tell you. You’re facing a poor conversion rate because people only purchase something when they’re genuinely interested in it.

With so much data scattered around, getting people’s attention is a constant battle brands have to deal with. They have to work hard to try to reach specific audiences.

For example: If you attract 50 website visitors who do not fall under the target segment, only 1 or 2 may convert. Thus, giving you an overall conversion rate which is as low as 2%.

However, if you’re driving people for whom the content is relevant, they’re already more likely to purchase. In fact, in this case, a traffic of only 20 people is enough to get you a conversion rate of over 50%.

Even though online communities are a great way to promote your business, what you really need to work on is finding relevant, targeted traffic.


Sponsored content is a win-win provided you make sure it's useful to your community members. You can monetize your community while getting more valuable things to share with your people. Once again, making sure that the sponsored content is aligned with your audience’s needs is the key.

Furthermore, you need to ensure that your sales posts are natural and consistent with your other regular posts. This would make sure that even the sponsored posts fit with everything else you share.

Sponsored Content

People who are already interested in the topic being discussed will be more willing to be exposed to the sponsored idea as a whole.

You can even add an advertisement in your display banner at the top of your community feed without having to actively promote the product. Just by association, you’ll be able to etch the business in their mind.

advertisement in display banner

Engagement for content marketers

To establish the idea that communities are a mesmerizing way to get ahead of your competitors, consider the fact that 60% of B2B content marketers feel content production is their biggest challenge. They are also the perfect way to boost engagement and run ads to give you an added amount of conversions.

Top Challenges for B2B Content Marketers

If you’re looking forward to sharing sponsored content in your community, we’d love to guide you through the entire process. Feel free to reach out to us.

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How To Monetize Your Community (2023 Top Tactic)

Monetizing your community by running ads is a great idea. You get paid to share them and also get great content to share with your members.

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