The future of online business is community-first

Community Accelerator is a zero-cost, invite-only program where you get the right mentorship to build & scale a community for your business.

Companies cannot skip the community building part anymore.

Andreessen Horowitz speaks about one rule of internet that has stood the test of time: No business category is really won until the community-first product is built.

Winners have already adapted...


Notion tapped into the power of community to rise to fame. Starting out on Reddit, Notion quickly grew to a community of over 164,000 members.


In a crowded space, with competitors like Adobe, InVision, Sketch, Figma differentiates itself on its community-first multiplayer approach - like a GitHub for designers.


Within just 7 months of the release of their first product (MVP), Airbyte became the most active Slack community of data professionals around data integration.


Off The Ledger is an online community powered by Airbase.  With community, the brand was able to become a market leader in spend management software and raised around $91 million


The #GROWTH initiative is an invite-only community for product owners, and growth marketers. In the last 12 months, this helped them grow 120% in ARR.


Trailhead by Salesforce helps millions of "trailblazers" expand their Salesforce skills by learning from fellow members. 81% of trailblazers report that community engagement makes them more productive.

Meet the host

Hi, I'm Natalie Luneva.

Natalie is a growth and team performance coach to SaaS founders. She has worked with more than 100 companies. Drawing from 10+ years of experience in marketing and building & growing remote teams, Natalie has helped SaaS companies identify and implement high ROI opportunities, clarify business priorities and scale.

She will be your community mentor.

How we help



Get access to a curated set of resources to equip yourself with the right knowledge.



Learn it from experts who have already built and scaled communities.



Get support in setting up your community goals and an actionable roadmap.

network with people


Get direct access to all gated-events we host and network with fellow community professionals.

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Who we help



Get access to a curated set of resources to equip yourself with the right knowledge.



Enable your DevTools startup with a community to foster developer collaborations and faster problem resolutions.

e learning


Learning is a social experience. Hence, a community-suite within your LMS suite is a necessity.

Who's behind this?

At Scenes, we’ve built and scaled online communities ourselves. This led us to the conviction that while people will use the browser to view content, they will interact with each other through communities platforms like Scenes.

A rule of the internet that has stood the test of time: No business category is really won until the community-first product is built.

Internet companies of this decade will all be community-first. We're building for this world by allowing people to own their own community.

Such companies see network effects of a scale far bigger than any traditional company. The shift is unmissable. Although each company's community thesis may vary - we're here to enable all of it end-to-end.

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We've got A's for your Q's

Is this a paid-program if I get an invite?


Community Accelerator is 100% free, however, not everyone gets in.

How much time will I need to dedicate, if selected?


Typically, 2-3 hours a week to consume all the resources + attending 1-1 mentorship sessions.

What does it take to get an invite?


More than anything, we like seeing intent. From your application, we want to see that you are serious about your community goals.

Who should apply for this program?


If you are a company looking to start your own brand community, but you need assistance and support in how to go about it, you should apply.

Ready to become a community-led company?

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